Food Makes Me Happy

I have always loved eating.

Food makes me happy.

I love all the flavors, colors, textures, the variety - everything about it.

I think that food is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Eating is a part of enjoying the abundant life God has given to us.

For 11 months, I did not get to enjoy even a bite.

Now, James thinks my feeding tube scar is another belly button.

I'm glad that he doesn't remember what that scar and those months were like for his mommy.

A good meal is not something I will ever, ever take for granted (again).


So I always clean my plate, but


I still save room for dessert.


I love how the Casa Colina Article on my recovery ends by saying that "she still celebrates every trip to the grocery store." It's true.

I'm too blessed to be bitter.


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