Weekend Links - May 26, 2012

Wow, gorgeous story of Ian & Larissa and the beauty of marriage from John Piper's Desiring God blog -- this reminds me of us (in a small way).  I SOBBED outloud.  This picture of love and commitment moves me deeply, perhaps because I've tasted that and seen how sweet it is.


Easy way to class up your IKEA furniture--Pretty Pegs


A poignant reflection on packing up grandpa's house


A beautiful photo essay (with recipes) of a casual summertime lunch at John Derian's Cape Cod home


Sweet online store with lots of festive little banners--all $10


The simplest way to make a delicious roast chicken


Inspirations for casual/real/beautiful family photo shoots via The Glow


A funny and thoughtful Mother's Day sermon at Willow Creek Church by Shauna Niequist


Nice summer lipstick trick


Insightful blog entry on how NOT to miss a childhood (key thought -- make it "hands free")


Perfect Memorial Day dessert


Not to forget why we are able to celebrate this glorious holiday weekend...Memorial Day Tribute