Not Your Typical Chocolate

I have gushed about chocolate on here many times, so I'm certain by now you know of my deep affection for it.  I'm not sure what it is about chocolate, but I am sure that when I eat it, good things happen for me (maybe not for certain parts of me but oh well).  At the very least, I know my mother-in-law, Mia, and Sarah, all know what I'm saying here!


Recently, Jay and I were invited to the opening of a chocolate shop in Santa Monica (John Kelly Chocolates, as we've mentioned here and here).  After living in LA for 7 years, I really could care less about a movie premiere or whatever, but a "chocolate shop premiere"--I'll be there with bells on!  It was so fun, and getting to sample many of their exceptional chocolates was a dream.  However, there is a reason one's dinner should not be comprised solely of the "brown gold", and I was feeling the painful weight of that particular indulgence like Augustus Gloop as he fell into Willy Wonka's chocolate river!


Not one to be deterred by a little thing like a chocolate-induced tummy ache, I sought out some less-traditional chocolate treats that can be made at home.  Don't be thrown off by their surprising ingredients--they taste amazing!  Even James, the picky eater of the century, couldn't help but eat these chocolate cookies.  Hope these scratch your chocolate itch too.



* We loved being able to make lots of variations on this one.  The one shown above, we used chopped almonds, even added a little almond extract and cinnamon.  FYI, I couldn't find cocoa butter, so I used coconut oil, which worked fine, though made it more melty.



* Don't judge this book by it's cover (just read the benefits of black beans preceding the recipe).  I love these cookies, if for no other reason than it got my baby to eat black beans--gotcha James!  Truly though, if he willingly eats these, assuming they are chocolate cookies, you should too.  Recommendation: add a bit more sweet/maple syrup/honey and take a little of the cayenne out.  Just know they aren't going to taste exactly like a decadent flour/sugar/butter cookie, but they are surprisingly delicious, and you won't feel like Augustus!