"That 3rd Baby Thing"

Honestly, it's been a rough few days.  Adding insult to injury, on top of the broken leg, I've been feeling horrible and my stomach has been a wreck as a result of my inactivity and pain meds (think sleepless nights and getting violently sick in the bathtub so much so  that I could't immediately jump out of it -- ugh!)  Anyway, as was stated earlier this week, I've needed to focus on some happier times from earlier in the Summer to give myself a little boost.

This party back in June made me very happy...

This was a good bye party we threw for dear friends who were having their 3rd baby -- their 1st boy no less -- and moving to San Diego at the same time.  It wasn't a shower or a even a sprinkle, and calling it a "drizzle" seemed kind of inappropriate, so we called it "That 3rd Baby Thing".

We hosted this bring-the-whole-family gathering at 10am (that seems to be the very best time for families with young children) and we wrapped up by noonish.  It wasn't a full-on  brunch, so we had morning sweets to go with coffee including donuts, scones, and banana bread (and I added chocolate chips to one batch and made Chocolate Banana Bread -- just had to!)  We also had hot and iced coffee, various juices and a whole kiddie table of munchies they would enjoy.

It was so wonderful-


May God Bless your sweet family (including that precious baby Penn) during this new season!

Side note: The DAY that baby Penn was born, I received a package in the mail in Athens, Ga from this adorable family.  They are just too much.