"Rise Up" -- A Song of Hope

Liz and Brandon Shea have been dear friends over the years, involved at our church, Sunday school class, and discipleship groups.  Brandon was even part of the handful of people who waited with Jay all through the night until the morning of April 22 when I made it through my brain surgery. 

Just a few days after my stroke, Liz visited my bedside in the ICU.  Many, many people around the world were prompted to pray for me using the phrase from Mark 5:41, "Talitha Koum" (meaning "Rise Up").  Someone even made bracelets to remind us of those precious words that Christ spoke over a dead little girl, raising her to life again. 

Like so many friends at that time, Liz wanted to offer us hope through her unique talents.  She is an amazing singer/song-writer, so as she drove home that day, she was inspired by Mark 5:41 and came up with these lyrics and this tune...

I Know I wasn’t there
When God Created the Sun, the Heavens, and Earth
When He formed each life with His hands -
Made man and woman.
Only He knows our futures
But I believe you can be healed
And I believe you will be well again
You’re in the hands of the Father, my friend
Rise Up

(our great buddy, Andrew Jed, played on the song too )

(click on embed of full song below...)

Jay had this song playing on repeat over me while I was in ICU (see the ipod on the shelf in the top photo).  Liz even came and sang it over me there as well.  What's amazing is that I have NO memory of ICU, much less the song being played or Liz singing it, but when I heard it again months later, it was so familiar, as if it had come from my own heart.  In my darkest moments, the word of God and the truth of His promises over my life had been specially woven into my subconscious and into my soul through this song.  For that, I will forever be grateful to you, Liz.  Thank you.

(Liz wrote about this song writing process for us on her blog, here.)

{Liz and us, hosting our baby shower in the Summer of 2007}

To this day, when I hear "Rise Up", I could almost cry at its tenderness and beauty and hope.  May it encourage you today too as God is working to rise you up.

{For more information on how Liz continues creating stories of hope through song, visit her site, Our Story, Our Song}

{We have embedded this song on our home page, just scroll down under our Mission Statement.}