Hope Heals Prayer

"Hope Heals Prayer" is the inaugural project for the "Hope It Forward" Movement, and we could not think of a better place to start! 

In all confidence, we know that we would not be where we are today without the prayers of SO MANY people, from all over the world, praying for miracles, for recovery, for healing, for hope.  We are floored when we hear of people who have journeyed with us through their prayers for 5 years now.  Amazingly, not only are we changed in the process but so are those praying for us. 

Early on after Katherine's stroke, a friend of my Dad's tragically lost his young daughter in a car accident.  He reminded us that praying Katherine all the way through to her healing was a deep privilege; a privilege that he would never get for his own daughter.

Do we see the privilege in this mysteriously mundane gift?  Do we engage this sacred conversation with God knowing how much He delights in the requests of his children?

I knowthat by all scientific accounts Katherine's survival and recovery required the "natural laws to be suspended", according to a neuro-surgeon friend.  I don't fully understand how prayer works within the sovereignty of God, but I know that God employs everything on this earth to draw us to Himself, whether we are being prayed for or doing the praying.   I know that somehow the God of all things allows our requests to be made known to Him because He loves us that much, even allowing circumstances on this earth to change as a result.  Perhaps the most miraculous change that occurs is that of our own hearts as we grow in a more intimate knowledge of our Father.

We have been scarred by the digital age of media just like anyone, but we have seen the redemptive possibility in this virtual dissemination of messages across the world with the click of a button.  Within an hour or two of Katherine's stroke, prayer alerts were being sent across the globe, Facebook groups and websites were instantly set up, and people prayed, many praying through the night, through the weeks and through the years. 

Asking to be prayed for is one of the most striking representations of the kingdom of God as it shows a humble recognition of our deep dependence on God and acknowledges that we are not meant to suffer or celebrate alone.  Praying for someone else is one of the most poignant representations of the servant-love of Christ as we lay aside our pride and our concern for ourselves to come before the Father on behalf of another, perhaps even a stranger.

As we "hope it forward", we invite you to join us in this experience that has so touched our lives.  We are honored to play a small role in connecting requests with prayers.  Praying for others or asking others to pray for you is a breath-taking cycle that draws us away from ourselves and straight to the heart of God.  It is a privilege.  Join us. 

Click here for more information on sharing your prayer requests and for joining the "Hope Heals Prayer" Movement.