Dinner & A Movie

For several years now, Katherine and I have led our own separate guy/girl discipleship groups.  At the end of the year, we have a tradition of hosting Katherine's group with their husbands for a dinner at our house.  It's such a great way to wrap up the time we've spent together.  It's also a good excuse to cobble together our 2 long folding tables in the backyard, dust off the table clothes, light some candles, and fire up the grill. 

 * The main dishes of the night, if you're curious...

- A Spring Salad (by Caitlin Van Horn or Roost Blog)

- Penne with Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese  (by Giada De Laurentiis)

There are few things that personify Summer more than gathering around the table with friends and sharing a meal outdoors.  This group of gals had created a special bond over their months of meeting together, and they had been so supportive during the whole process of making the short film and our jumping into more full-time ministry, so it was even more special to share this "Dinner & A Movie" night with them.

Several of these friends had waited to watch our short film until that night, so after a great dinner and conversation in the backyard, we screened it for them.  Someone brought a projector, so we even draped a little sheet on the wall inside and did it "summer screening-style". 

What's really interesting is that we've received several emails from folks all over the place organically doing the same thing--gathering their families or inviting some friends, their small groups or even their neighbors over to share our story.  Add a little dinner, dessert or popcorn and you've got yourself a Summer movie night--and perhaps one that might open up some deeper conversations than your typical movie.

Stay tuned for a proto-type discussion guide that you can use for your own screening...