Leg Screw Removal Surgery

Well, it's hard to believe that over a year has passed since I broke my leg.  As I've recounted, the leg break was surprisingly difficult for us all.  It created major, ongoing pain, both physically and emotionally.  The latter has thankfully subsided, and the former will hopefully be drastically lessened after the screw-removal surgery Friday at UCLA.

Though I have managed to get around quite a bit in the past year, I have noticed a definite regression in my walking abilities.  I am hopeful that getting the screws removed from my knee and ankle on Friday (8/2) will help me re-gain the lost ground.

I would so appreciate your prayers as I undergo this relatively short out-patient procedure.  This surgery will mark the 10th surgery since my stroke, and though this one will definitely be on the simpler end of my surgery spectrum, I still never take for granted the inherent risks associated with going under the knife. 

Jay will update on Hope Heals' Facebook page -- here.  Thanks for the prayers!