We Need You!

Communicating in this digital age continues to be an interesting challenge.  There are lots of pitfalls but certainly so many opportunities to share hope to a diverse audience all over the world.  We imagine it like placing our little leaf in a big stream, knowing that it will be taken somewhere far away, and in the process it will come in contact with some unexpected things--so exciting and yet so unknown--it personifies all our journeys in the Christian life.

When we made the short documentary film earlier this year, we had few purposes in mind other than to tell our story from our own view point on film.  We're so grateful that people have experienced hope from it; it's touched and encouraged them.  We've had a phenomenal response to it, and it's opened many doors for us.  We even have several new ideas in the works using this wonderful asset that was created with the help of so many talented people.   That being said, we always love even more people to see it, and we need your help! 

If you haven't had a chance to view the short film yet, please WATCH IT and SHARE IT with your friends too! {click HERE}

 {Also, if you haven't seen the 2 minute TRAILER to the short film, I must admit, it still gets us every time--so powerful--thanks to DJ Viola, the director of both! click HERE}

There's no rhyme or reason to what makes something go "viral", and our 20 minute short film perhaps seems a little "long" for Youtube (though imagine what 20 + minute media we all consume daily!)  And maybe the content is not something people feel they want to emotionally engage, but ***SPOILER ALERT*** the film and the story have a HOPEFUL ending!!

Also, though it's helpful to be able to somewhat quantify the impact of your efforts in this rather amorphous digital space, we're not ultimately concerned with numbers.  Of course, God has allowed these things to be put into perspective for us, time after time, including an initial glitch with the embedding of the film on our website that resulted in NOT getting credit for how many people viewed it the first few weeks through our site (FYI--it was a LOT!)  And yet nothing is wasted in God's providence, and the BIG lesson is not "how many numbers can you wrack up for Jesus?!" but rather "Katherine and Jay, know that I am the only one who can ultimately justify your efforts and redeem your suffering; look to me to satisfy your deepest longings."

God has continually allowed us to learn that even with something as personal as our story, we must hold it loosely because ultimately, it's not ours, it's His.  He wants us to know that this whole process is about us being drawn closer to Him and pointing others the same way, no matter the response, the numbers, the opportunities, or the questions.  We invite you to experience this reality in your own life--loosen the grip, even just a little, on the things you hold most precious, and find freedom from your own expectations and control as you experience Him more fully in the process.  We're all in it together.