Spreading the Word

There are LOTS of new updates on the Hope Heals website!  We are always eager to experiment with the most effective ways to communicate and making our digital medium as user-friendly as possible.  We'd love your feedback (here)!

One such update for you to check out -- our new and improved SPEAKING INFO/CALENDAR page (www.hopeheals.com/speaking).  We will be updating a calendar of when/where we will be speaking, if you'd like to come.  You can also view/download our speaking info sheet (pdf) that can easily be forwarded to friends, churches, or organizations who might be interested in having us speak.  Schedules and logistics permitted, we would LOVE to share our story with your group. 

Looking ahead to the year's end, we have so many things going on, including Katherine's new aneurysm surgery (see last post), yet we are focused on continuing to spread the word and the hope--we have 12 speaking events between now and Christmas!  The best part is the variety...from churches and MOPS groups to American Stroke Association events and medical non-profit galas, from Christian high school assemblies to events in people's homes.  Maybe the most interesting is that we'll be Skype-ing in to a Christian conference in AUSTRALIA that is based on Hope Heals!  We love it! 

What an honor it is to share hope with so many different listeners, who we pray, in turn, will share the hope they have received with someone else in need.

Thanks for encouraging us along the way friends!