Post-Surgery Update...

Dear ones, your prayers lifted our hearts and helped bring about the outcome that we had hoped for so fervently...healing. 

Though that aching longing to be truly whole can never be satisfied here, there are moments, reflections of broken things made whole, like the surgery yesterday, where we see a glimpse of a day when all broken things will be made new again...and it's SPECTACULAR!

The aneurysm, that once represented the helplessly delicate balance that life hangs in, now, represents a place of deep mercy and grace.  That weak spot was filled with micro-platinum coils and will soon scar over, leaving a new, "normal" arterial wall.  Dr. Gonzalez said it went just as he had hoped.  We will have a few check-ups over the coming weeks and months to assure everything has healed properly.  Katherine is at home resting (though it's not her favorite thing to do), and the to-be-expected headaches post-surgery are subsiding.  She eagerly anticipates the pumpkin pie that awaits her tomorrow.

Friends, we are so grateful to slowly dip our toes into the new season of life ahead.  This successful surgery will open up some other possibilities in our lives that were once closed.  We will enlist your prayers on those fronts too, friends--we're not done with you yet!  The miracles, the grace, and the hope continue.

The halo-effect of that experience of life's fragility will forever change the way we look at and live our lives.  There will likely be other experiences that highlight that reality in the future, yet for now, we can release fear and sadness and abide in gratitude and joy. 

We are THANKFUL for you!  May these next few days draw your hearts and minds to a place of overflowing thanksgiving and hope in what is to come. 

(* Thanks to Ryan Dobson for these photos.)