Hope Heals Quotes #2

The Hope Heals Quotes project continues with this 2nd quote designed by Alex Wolf.  Our main goal with Hope Heals is to creatively communicate our hope in the Lord in ways that might touch people who are truly looking for hope, and further, to find ways to communicate that are shareable, allowing those who have received hope to become hope givers themselves.  This "Hope It Forward Movement" project embodies this goal entirely. 

Please print this out for yourself, or even better, give it to someone in need of hope (download high-res version for printing).  If you're so inclined, feel free to share this digitally in any way. Put this little leaf in the digital stream and see where it goes! (dowload low-res version for digital sharing).

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is one of the more intriguing figures of the 20th century.  His writings have inspired us for a very long time.  Our small group was even reading his book, "Life Together" in the months leading up to Katherine's stroke. 

We though this quote was so appropriate for the holiday season, one suffused with both hope and sorrow.  This quote so tenderly acknowledges the depth of loss in the human experience, especially when it comes in the form of losing someone we love, and yet it offers HOPE.  In an amazing reversal, through the sieve of gratitude, our tears of pain turn to tears of joy.

Please share this word of encouragement to someone in need of it this holiday season.

On a side note, this cross design has always been a favorite of ours; there is something that echoes the cross of Christ as well as the hope of medical intervention that resonates with us deeply.  We recently discovered that when this symbol is used in repetition, as in this quote and in traditional Swedish folk art, it is a strong symbol of HOPE.  It's not just anchors anymore folks!