Hope Made Tangible

It's hard not to be struck by the immense grace of God as we enter into the Advent season.  He could have demanded that our faith be so great as to give ourselves to an invisible, intangible idea of a god.  Rather, He gave us Himself in Jesus Christ; the invisible God made visible for us to see, the intangible idea brought to life tangibly for us to touch...drawing us to HOPE.

In our own circumstances, our hope has been bolstered by literally holding on to tangible representations of the intangible.  These "ebenezer stones" remind us how far God has brought us and inspire in us hope that He will continue to bring us through an unknown future until we get to an eternity where the intangible will once and for all be made tangible to us.

We have been playing with this idea of "hope made tangible" for about 6 months now, and we are thrilled to get to share our BIGGEST "Hope It Forward" project with you launching this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6!

Of course, it wouldn't be "hoping it forward" if there were not an element of first receiving hope, then being inspired to give it to others.  This simple project embodies both sides of that same "coin".  Stay tuned friends!

(Special thanks to our wonderful manufacturing partner, PRECISION METALWORKS, in Montgomery, AL, for helping produce HOPE with us for this unique project.)