Sharing Christmas Hope at UCLA

A few weeks after my aneurysm surgery, and just a short time before Christmas, Jay and I saw Dr. Gonzalez for a follow-up appointment at UCLA.  Our hearts and lives continue to be woven together with that very special institution and the men and women there who give their lives to serve others.

Thankfully, all seems well regarding the results of my aneurysm surgery.  My headaches, which were quite severe following the surgery, have largely subsided, and now, we look forward to new opportunities in a life post-aneurysm.  It's incredible that such a looming issue in my life is now gone.  It's a new season in so many ways now, and we are forever grateful for God's mercy in this area.

We gave Dr. Gonzalez our Christmas card (which he appears on, and said excitedly "you got my good side!"), as well as a token of hope set and some hope quotes postcards.  In typical Dr. Gonzalez fashion, he hugged us both warmly with genuine joy for our latest good news.  He has given us a gift we can never repay, yet our gratitude for it fuels our desire to share it, and we are.

After our appointment we walked over to another of UCLA's main clinic buildings, this building specifically for brain-related issues.  As we walk in the main entrance, just next to the information desk, we see "Flowers for Katherine" by Lulie Wallace, our first Hope Heals Art collaboration, now a part of UCLA's permanent art collection.  Even as we stood there to pose for a picture next to it, the red lights of a ambulance reflected just out the window and a person was wheeled past us on a stretcher by paramedics, likely en route to the MRI suite below.  Maybe out of the corner of their eye, in the rush of medical emergency, that person, or another like them, might find in the midst of that hallways a moment of beauty in the ashes, a spark of hope in dark of hopelessness.

{A few limited-edition, signed and numbered prints of "Flowers for Katherine" by Lulie Wallace yours HERE.  Buy Great Art // Help Hope Heals}

As another year ends, God continues to give us new opportunities to share hope in this place--a place that has played vital roles in many stories in our lives.  As a new year approaches, don't overlook the ordinary as you consider how to "hope it forward".  What places in your every day life can you find new ways to share hope?