Hope It Forward with HOPE HEALS ART

We've had an overwhelmingly positive response to our 2nd collaboration for HOPE HEALS ART, a piece entitled, "For James" by the lovely and talented, Kate Long Stevenson. We've LOVED shipping off these prints to folks all over the country, MOST of whom we've never even heard of! Stories of people in pain bringing this reminder of hope into their own home or gifting it to others in need of hope absolutely fulfills all we desired for this project...to hope it forward.

If you don't know about this project, we sell a limited number of signed prints (due to the artist's generous donation, all proceeds benefit Hope Heals), then we donate the original piece to a hospital, like UCLA, as a visual reminder of HOPE in that place.


Hear how Katie and I came to know each other and the inspiration behind "For James"...

Like the medium of story, the power of the medium of art to communicate hope continues to inspire us. We recently received this message from someone who encountered our first HOPE HEALS ART collaboration, "Flowers for Katherine" by artist Lulie Wallace. The prints sold out, but the original hangs in the lobby of UCLA Medical Center's neuro-clinic...

"Hi Katherine, for many, many reasons I found myself in the lobby of the #300 bldg at UCLA heading up to the second floor. Nervous and apprehensive I stood and waited for the elevator when all of sudden I noticed a painting on the wall, and it said your name. I turned to my husband and whispered, "I've seen this painting. I know her name." Hope filled my heart. I love that painting. I love that it's in that building. I love following your blog. Thank you so much for having such an encouraging heart. You have encouraged mine when I needed it most."

Our hearts are full. That type of "hoping it forward" is exactly what we desired to do with this simple idea. It's amazing how God can use such ordinary things like paint on a canvas or my crooked smile to show Himself to a world looking so hard for real hope.