Our Biggest News Yet!

James will be a big brother this Summer.  I'm 14 weeks pregnant!!!! 

We were given a thumbs up by my neurosurgeon, Dr. Gonzalez, on October 1.  My MRI results came back SHOWING NO ANEURYSM RE-GROWTH or any other neuro-complications.  He gave his stamp of approval for becoming pregnant and growing our family biologically.  Around 2 weeks later, I was pregnant! (Don't be too jealous--it was the first break in terms of my health in over 6 years).  

I'm under extensive, fabulous medical care with the very best HIGH RISK OBGYN at UCLA.

I will need a C-Section because of all my neuro-issues. This is currently scheduled for early July.  All of my doctors will be present as well as an excited big brother in the waiting room!

We have wanted to grow our family ever since I had the stroke.  This has actually been the first season where it was at all in the realm of the possible. Because of the previous 11 surgeries, walking/balance issues and general handicaps, we were not certain this would ever be possible.  

Praise our sweet Lord WHO USES BROKEN VESSELS to pour out life where there was none.  There is always, always beauty from ashes.  

We so need your prayer support throughout this time. Thank you in advance. For now, please pray for the safety of this baby and the broken body that houses this sweet, new life!