Baby Wolf 2 doesn't arrive for another month, but he is already so loved--thank you for all your prayers, well wishes, and support! Pregnancy has mostly been uneventful, though I'm about ready to be done after an exhausting and uncomfortable third trimester.

Our LA friends recently celebrated this miracle baby with two events, one for our neighborhood folks and one for our church folks on the other side of town. We wish we could've invited you all, but as a second best option, here's some beautiful shots taken by our friend, Emily Blake. Enjoy!

A favorite moment at each event was being serenaded by two of my favorite "J's"...Jay Wolf and Joni Eareckson Tada. Jay surprised me by singing a favorite blessing to me and baby, then giving me a blanket (with an anchor on it, no less) that he bought over 2 years ago--way before we knew if we could even have a baby--as a tangible reminder of hope, one he knew he would eventually give me some day. Tears ensued for us all, of course. Then at the other celebration, Joni joined in a group prayer time for me and baby, and spontaneously burst into worshipful song as the rest of the crowd joined in too. It was a moment I will never forget.

We can't wait to meet our little buddy soon, and can't wait for you to meet him too!

Also, since many of you have asked, here's a link to our registry, including a special "Mommy's Helper Fund" that will contribute to our greatest need...extra hands. Thank you, friends!