Welcoming Baby John

Friends, it seems after Day 1 of our "7 Days of Prayer" (see previous post), your prayers worked, REALLY WELL. Though Katherine was scheduled to undergo a C-section this coming Thursday, July 2, she went into labor early last Friday morning, June 26, shortly after which we welcomed Baby John into the world. We are actually home now and our family of four is doing great as we are re-learning the rhythm of life with a new baby. Thank you for cheering us on in every way, and it goes without saying that your prayers would still be so appreciated!

{We shared the pictures and text below on social media over the past few days. You can follow us on Instagram or Twitter at @hopeheals, or via our Facebook page.}

"Baby Wolf 2 made his unexpected arrival this morning! He came so quickly there was barely enough time to get to UCLA and no time for an epidural, let alone a C-section. It seems your prayers worked (maybe a little too well!) Mom and baby are doing great, and big brother is on his way. We love this picture of James kissing Katherine's belly with her feeding tube scar/second belly button just above him. Reminders of near death and new life miraculously all around us. God is so good." 

"John Nestor Wolf arrived Friday, 6/26/15, at 7:07am, weighing 6lbs 8oz, 19.5in long. He came early but just on time. Our love for him is overflowing! He is named for many Johns we love, including those in the Bible who bore witness to the gospel of Jesus as his new life already does, and for our beloved neuro-surgeon, Dr. Nestor Gonzalez, without whom John and his Mommy would not be here. Quite appropriately, this special middle name also means "wisdom", "remembrance", "homecoming" and "seeker of miracles". May John fully know how deeply He is loved by God and by us all."

"...new life starts in the dark. Whether it is a seed in the ground, a baby in the womb, or Jesus in the tomb, it starts in the dark." ~ Barbara Brown Taylor

"After giving birth early Friday morning, we looked in awe and wept as literally outside the delivery room's window stands the neuro-rehab building where we struggled to pick up the pieces of our lives in the months after my stroke, 7 years ago. What grace to be reminded that the vantage points from which we view our lives do change. This is our hope, that one day we can look upon the darkness of our past and see that God was working and look upon the dawn of our present and know that He is faithful. (PS. Jay takes 99% of the photos in our lives, but I took this one of he and John from my hospital bed 2 days ago!)"