Introducing "Chocolate Kat Chat" and Baby John (VIDEO)


"Chocolate Kat Chat" is a weekly invitation to pull up a virtual seat at our table for a short, interactive conversation, a few moments of encouragement, and of course, a vital insight into what chocolate is currently being eaten around these parts.

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For those wondering, what the heck does chocolate and chatting have to do with anything??

A core focus of our ministry is leveraging different mediums of communication to steward the story we've been given. In this digital age of disconnection, we have a heart to use technology to foster connection--we can all be part of redeeming the internet by engaging quality content that is vulnerable and uplifting, winsome and thought-provoking! And while parts of our lives are hard, and the story of suffering is threaded throughout, there is also a joyful counterbalance, full of levity and laughter, that is no less important to express. This new content series seeks to embody that.