#ChocolateKatChat October 2015

Catch up on the past month's episodes of "Chocolate Kat Chat" covering topics like...

- sitting with the tough questions

- why sharing your story matters

- answering one of the questions I get asked most

- being battered but not broken

"Chocolate Kat Chat" is a weekly invitation to pull up a virtual seat at our table for a short, interactive conversation, a few moments of encouragement, and of course, a vital insight into what chocolate is currently being eaten around these parts.

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* This month's feedback: (from Bron Rappeneker of AUSTRALIA):

"Thank you. You are 'God-abled' to speak to people all around the world, to help lift our heads and help us understand that our brokenness is not our destiny...but that our brokenness allows us to fall more deeply in to the arms of the One who loves us like no other.

Thank you for wrapping your message in COFFEE and CHOCOLATE and JOY...it's refreshing, honest, and real..a highlight in my week :)"





For those wondering, what the heck does chocolate and chatting have to do with anything??

A core focus of our ministry is leveraging different mediums of communication to steward the story we've been given. In this digital age of disconnection, we have a heart to use technology to foster connection--we can all be part of redeeming the internet by engaging quality content that is vulnerable and uplifting, winsome and thought-provoking! And while parts of our lives are hard, and the story of suffering is threaded throughout, there is also a joyful counterbalance, full of levity and laughter, that is no less important to express. This new content series seeks to embody that.