2015 Ministry Year-In-Review

2015 was a year we'll never forget, and we would not have had the courage to jump into these new challenges and joys were it not for you, dear friends. Thank you so much for cheering us onward!

For over two years, we have been blessed to BOTH steward this unique calling (FYI, since 2013 Jay has foregone practicing law to do this ministry full-time), and because we've been able to focus on growing Hope Heals together we are seeing some incredible fruits. This past year, in-person and on-line, we have shared the hope and healing of Jesus through the lens of our story to over 100,000 people! (click the image below to enlarge our year-in-review newsletter)

If Hope Heals has touched your life this year, would you consider partnering with us to help it continue in 2016? We humbly and cheerfully invite your prayers and financial support as we seek to faithfully minister to the hurting and hopeless together. Thank you, thank you, friends! 


{*The book, speaking honorariums, and shop sales actually only make up about 40% of our annual, Board-approved budget. We depend on your tax-deductible donations to keep doing this work full-time, together!}

(graphic designed by ALEX WOLF)

From fellow stroke survivors to stay-at-home moms, from believers to seekers, here are some responses to the ministry of HOPE HEALS...

SARAH - "Your love for each other is a wonderful manifestation of what Jesus intended marriage to be in our world, a reflection of His love for His Bride, the church. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of that."

SHARON - "Thank you for your courageous transparency; So many are hurting and sinking, God is the anchor, and you are the vessels."

AMELIA - "I deeply appreciate your being able to preach the gospel to a diverse community. It is a skill sorely needed in the church if we are to draw all men to Jesus. Thank you for sharing your faith in such a non-religious, practical and tangible way. Thank you again for transparently living the grace of a good God before broken men."

RAINEY - "The two of you have taken what many would think of as life's sorrow, received it with grace, and used it to the Glory of God.... to nourish others. It is so humbling to witness your walk and gracious example."