How we say THANK YOU...

Friends, in case you didn't know it, WE LOVE YOU and WE ARE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU! We may not know you face-to-face, but the way in which we have journeyed together over the years, fills our hearts with so much joy. You all have prayed for us through near-death and recovery; prayed as we've launched a full-time ministry; and prayed as God expanded our family with our miracle baby, John

And in this process of writing and now sharing the book form of our story, you all have continued to cheer us on, to make us cry with your own stories, to give us opportunities to pray, to cause us to wonder, to make us laugh until we cry all over again--you get it! In so many ways, you have been an integral part of writing this story with us. It has been an absolute labor of love and we are beyond thrilled to share it with you and with a world longing for healing and hope.

All that to say, THANK YOU. THANK YOU for allowing us to share the hope God has given us, for fostering that, for calling out the truest things about us, and in so doing, refilling us with the hope we seek to give away every day. You've really taught us what it means to "Hope It Forward", like Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians 1. To that end, we want to express our appreciation for how you all have championed our story so well!

Many of you have already pre-ordered copies of Hope Heals, the book. You've told us your AMAZING plans to do a book club with your non-Christian neighbors (we've even made two FREE book study guides to help facilitate such groups--check them out, here) or to give out the book as wedding gifts this Spring or to take part in our HOPE IT FORWARD campaign (you buy the book and we'll give it away to a specific person in the midst of suffering--check it out, here). 

What if we made it the #1 Release in Biographies?! We think the book industry needs to see that stories of HOPE and HEALING should be at the top of the lists--will you help us? 

And similar to the movie industry's opening weekend box office, the book pre-orders will go toward the total number of opening week book sales. These numbers will really determine what happens next with the book...will it get a second printing, will the book stores place it at the front, will mainstream media or book lists feature it, thus getting the message out to a wider audience?  

If you are planning on ordering this book at all, you should order it NOW,  because if you do, we've got some LIMITED-TIME THANK YOU GIFTS FOR YOU! Just pre-order at least two books from any bookseller (see full list of stores on, click their logos to order from them), then fill out the form with your receipt / order number on and we'll send you the goodies! 

Maybe the coolest incentive for pre-ordering: though the book doesn't come out in stores until APRIL 26th, if you pre-order 2 or more copies, we'll send you a PDF / digital copy of the full book manuscript for you to read tonight! (FYI, you'll still get the hardcover book on April 26th, you'll just get to read the whole thing on your computer before anyone else!) Our publisher, Zondervan, is kindly letting us do this, but only for a limited time (offer ends on March 14).  

As if that weren't reason enough to order ;) we'll also send you a FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD of Jay singing "Beautiful Things" (by Gungor), featuring our lovely and talented friend, Dove-award winner, Kendall Payne on background vocals! This song is also mentioned in a very poignant story in the book!

We've added some other special goodies if you order 4 books (book study guides + PDF + MUSIC) or 8+ books (8 signed bookplates + 1 limited edition striped tote + STUDY GUIDES + PDF + MUSIC).

* Also, if you pre-ordered last June, YES, we'd love to give you these thank you gifts, just fill out the form at

* And if you ordered 1 book but now want the incentives, just order more books and put both receipt numbers on the form.

Let us know if you have any other questions by emailing