We encourage you to apply only with the full intent of fundraising tuition for and attending Hope Heals Camp. Please do not apply if you are unsure—ain't nobody got time for that! Submitting your application is a virtual handshake between you and Hope Heals Camp that, given you are offered a spot at Camp and barring unforeseen circumstances that preclude your attendance, you agree to serve the full duration of the Camp session(s) for which you applied.


In order for every Hope Heals camper to attend camp at NO cost, our volunteers pay a camp tuition that covers both their camp fees as well as a camper's fees. Upon completion of the application and acceptance to serve at Hope Heals Camp, each volunteer is equipped with online fundraising tools to help quickly and painlessly pay for Camp. Camp tuition is set on a sliding scale—the earlier funds are raised, the less you'll pay! After submitting your application, you’ll receive fundraising and background check instructions via email within 10 business days. To receive the discounted camp tuition rate, a volunteer's application, background check, and fundraising requirements (specified below) must be completed by midnight of the deadline date.

Deadline Application Fee Adult Tuition Youth Tuition Family Cap* Both Sessions Adult Tution Both Sessions Youth Tution Both Sessions Family Cap*
Nov 1 $50 $400 $200 $1200 $600 $300 $1800
Jan 1 $100 $500 $300 $1600 $750 $450 $2400
Mar 1 $100 $600 $400 $2000 $900 $600 $3000
May 1 $100 $700 $500 $2400 $1100 $750 $3600
July 1 $100 $800 $600 $2800 $1250 $900 $4000
PLEASE NOTE: Adult - age 18 and over as of 7/17/19 | Youth - age 10 to 17 as of 7/17/19

*Volunteer families who apply together will have their tuition capped as specified above, no matter how many members of the family attend Hope Heals Camp.


What does serving look like at Hope Heals Camp?

Hope Heals Camp is a time of respite, resourcing, and relaxation for families affected by disability. We strive to wholistically serve every member of a family unit, which means there are myriad ways to contribute at Camp. Based on your preference and our needs, you may serve as...

  • Compassionate Companion (CC): You'll be paired up with a person with a disability to act as a friend, encourager, and helper throughout the week. CCs may also be paired with a typically-abled child who is a sibling or child of a person with a disability. Typical family members often need as much love and attention as a person with disability.
  • Floater: Our kids and youth programming require a lot of extra hands, so Floaters are extremely valuable in activity facilitation and crowd control.
  • Kids Activity Crew: You'll help facilitate some of our kids and youth daily programming. Rotations include music, recreation, arts and crafts, and more!
  • Hospitality Crew: If you have a flair for hosting, decorating, or event planning, you can use your gifts to on the Hospitality Crew. You’ll facilitate special Camp celebrations, circulate the Camp post, and add touches that make our campers feel right at home.
  • Tech Crew: Our Teach Crew ensures A/V runs smoothly for our worship leaders, speakers, and special events.
  • Medical Crew: If you're a registered nurse or physician, you can keep our campers and volunteers happy and healthy by treating minor illnesses and injuries. Medical Crew is not responsible for medical or toileting needs of campers with disability.
  • General Crew: Simply put, you'll get stuff done around Hope Heals Camp. Set up and take down of special events, refilling water jugs, golf cart transportation for campers with mobility issues—if a job needs doing, our General Crew makes it happen.
  • Nursery Crew: This team of childcare workers will spend morning and afternoon rotations with disabled and typically-abled campers ages 0 to 3 in a loosely structured time of play. Nursery Crew will also act as babysitters so parents can enjoy nighttime activities after little ones go to bed.

What will I experience at Hope Heals Camp?

Days at Hope Heals Camp are filled with communal meals, times of worship, recreation, biblical teaching, arts and crafts, special celebrations, and even (a little bit of) rest. Our daily programming rotations are tailored to our campers' ages and abilities.

While the events and activities are wonderful, the real magic of Camp happens as relationships form. Volunteers come to work and facilitate and serve, but their main job is to make a whole bunch of friends. As a volunteer, you will receive much more than you give—guaranteed.

Please note that volunteers are never responsible for the toileting or medical needs of campers.

Who can serve as a volunteer?

We welcome all who feel called to serve as companions to those struggling with disability to apply to Hope Heals Camp. No special certifications or experience is required—just a willingness to learn, adapt, and serve with the love, purity, and humility of Jesus. All volunteer applicants must complete a background check to ensure the safest environment for our campers.

Individuals over 18 can serve on their own, and teens between 14-17 can attend with a chaperone. Depending on their age and preference, volunteers under 14 may serve as "Companions-In-Training" or attend kids programming alongside the campers.

Can my entire family serve?

We love when families serve at Camp together! To ensure that adults and older kids can contribute most effectively, we encourage parents to bring only those children ages 10 and older to volunteer at Camp. Children under age 7 cannot attend Camp as volunteers. This is a perfect opportunity for littler ones to hang out with the grandparents!

Please note that volunteers sleep in male and female cabins. If a parent brings a child of the opposite gender, the child should be comfortable sleeping in a different cabin than his or her parent. Cabin leaders will make sure your kiddo is safe and sound!

If you have a special case and still feel compelled to apply, feel free to contact us at info@hopehealscamp.org.

Can I serve for the day?

For logistical efficiency and maximum safety for our campers, volunteers must commit to serving the entire week of Hope Heals Camp (Sunday through Friday). We do not offer day volunteer positions at this time.

Can I serve at both weeks of Camp?

Absolutely! We would be honored for you to serve at both weeks of Hope Heals Camp. Two-week volunteers even receive a discounted Camp tuition and are invited to stay at Camp for some special activities during the weekend between the two Camp sessions.

How do I apply?

Applications will be available from Thursday, September 20 at hopehealscamp.org. You must complete the full application and pay the $100 application fee (one per application/family) to be considered to serve at Camp. A Hope Heals Camp team member will be in contact with you within ten days of application with further instructions. If you are offered a spot at Hope Heals Camp, you must complete a background check and raise your full Camp tuition in order to attend.

What are the costs?

Please refer to the Camp Tuition section above for specific Camp tuition costs.

In order for every Hope Heals camper to attend camp at NO cost, our volunteers pay a camp tuition that covers both their camp fees as well as a camper's. Upon completion of the application and acceptance to serve at Hope Heals Camp, each volunteer is equipped with online fundraising tools to help quickly and painlessly pay for Camp. Camp tuition is set on a sliding scale—the earlier funds are raise, the less you'll pay! Volunteer families who apply together will have their tuition capped no matter how many members of the family attend Hope Heals Camp.

Please note that the $100 application fee does not count toward camp tuition.

Are there any fundraising tools?

Volunteers will have access to online fundraising tools with which you can engage your networks to crowdfund your camp fees. You’ll receive further instruction on the fundraising tools once you are accepted to serve at Camp.

Will I receive any training?

All volunteers will receive a series of training emails in the six weeks leading up to Camp. You are expected to read these emails in order to Camp prepared to serve. Volunteers will arrive to Camp an entire day before our campers for a dedicated time of orientation, practical training, spiritual preparation, and team building.

What are the Camp accommodations like?

Hope Heals Camp takes place at Camp McDowell, a beautiful, newly built retreat center in Alabama’s Bankhead National Forest. Volunteers will sleep in male or female cabins with bunkbeds and community bathrooms. Volunteers are responsible for their own linens (sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels).

Can Hope Heals Camp accommodate my dietary restrictions?

The camp facility serves delicious food and is able to accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets. If you have further dietary needs, you will have access to a refrigerator and kitchen, where you can prepare your own food.

Can I get a ride from the airport to Hope Heals Camp?

We are happy to arrange transportation from the Atlanta and Birmingham airports to Hope Heals Camp. Once you have been accepted to volunteer and have booked your flights, we will coordinate for you to be picked up at the airport by another Camp volunteer.

What should I pack for Camp?

  • Comfortable warm weather clothes
  • Walking shoes and water shoes
  • Rain jacket and/or umbrella
  • Cap
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap
  • Prescription medication and ibuprofen
  • Snacks and special food
  • Bible, notebook, and pen
  • Modest bathing suits
  • Pool towels
  • Toiletries
  • Cameras, phones, and chargers
  • Linens (twin-sized sheets, sleeping bag or blanket, pillow, and bath towels)

When does Camp begin and end?

Volunteers will arrive at Camp between 2 and 4 pm on Sunday afternoon. Camp will end by 12 pm on Friday.