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“As I read this book, tears streamed from my eyes even as joy flooded my heart. Jay and Katherine are a raw yet refreshing testimony to the unshakable trustworthiness of God amidst the unimaginable trials of life. This book reminds all of us where hope can be found in a world where none of us knows what the next day holds.” 

Author of NYT bestseller Radical and president of the International Mission Board



"Hope Heals is a beautiful true story that illustrates the love and protection God has for us even in the darkest times of our life. Katherine and Jay’s dedication to each other and the Lord through their most devastating season is inspiring. This book will help your heart believe that He sees, He knows, He cares, and He is still working miracles today!"

New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries



"Jay and Katherine Wolf have had our respect for years, but they have our hearts too. They’ll soon have yours. Hope Heals isn’t just a beautifully written book, it’s a duet by two people who love Jesus and love each other. It’s a book filled with a score of authentic high notes and painful low ones.This book isn’t just a moving story, it’s a song sung by two humble people and what they have learned about love when the cadence of their lives unexpectedly changed." 

Balloon inflaters and author of New York Times bestseller Love Does



"I know Jay and Katherine, and welcome this book, not just as a stirring account of facing tragedy, but as a beautiful story of a couple's relentless love - for God and for each other."

Bestselling author and former editor-at-large of Christianity Today



"I stumbled upon Katherine's blog near the beginning of her recovery. The words of a sister fighting for her life captivated us all. Now years later she is fighting for our lives, for us to live the fullest we can with all that we've been given. Do not miss this." 

Visionary and Founder of IF:Gathering and author of Anything and Restless



"...the book you hold in your hands is so powerful for if awful things do happen to you, you now have a guide. Hope Heals may well be your most treasured companion through great trial and pain. Do not assume you’ve ‘heard it all’ before. Theirs is a story so raw, visceral, and impossibly real, that you can’t help but identify."

Bestselling author and founder/CEO of Joni & Friends


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